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You will be the ones

Let’s talk about Mark Dantonio, Big Ten Coach of the year for the second time in three years. 40 wins in four years. Two Big Ten Championship Games in three seasons.

Mark Dantonio took a beleaguered and pathetic Michigan State football team and made it a Big Ten powerhouse. He took a program barely treading water since the departure of Nick Saban and gave it life, and more than life, a personality, an identity and a belief system. He’s got guts. He believe in defense. He knows the power of the underdog. He takes coal and turns it into diamonds.

He brooks no nonsense. His first season at Michigan State, he announced the Big Ten wouldn’t have MSU to kick around anymore. His “pride comes before the fall” quote is the most famous from his 2007 post-Michigan presser, but the real takeaway is this, “I’m telling them it’s not over…It’s not over and it will never be over here. It’s just starting.” After that first loss, Dantonio has gone 5-1 against Michigan.

Dantonio draws the ire of a lot of Big Ten fans for his shortness, his scowl and his grumpy demeanor. Next question.

But for MSU fans, Dantonio is a savior, the perfect fit for a program that was on its way to sinking to Purdue-levels of suckitude. For those of use who sat through John L, Bobby Williams, et al, Dantonio is a breath of fresh air, a coach who cares deeply about winning and shows it. More than that, he has the guts to ask “Why not us?” Why NOT Michigan State? Big Ten Champs? In the Rose Bowl? National Championships? Why not us?


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Did someone say hype?

So, there’s a basketball game tomorrow in East Lansing, maybe you’ve heard about it?

I know I promised you a Boat Report, but  honestly at this point there’s only so many ways we can say “Everyone is playing well and Trizzle needs bubble wrap and Byrd, WTF.” So instead, we give you hype, because you know you won’t be able to get enough of this stuff on Tuesday.

But first, MSU’s three keys to victory in the Indiana matchup:

  • Bigs. It is glaringly obvious that Michigan State should have the upper hand inside on almost any team in the nation, Indiana and Cody Zeller included. The Spartans did an excellent job containing Zeller in the teams’ previous meeting, and they should be able to do so again. A continuation in MSU’s recent rebounding surge would also go a long way toward victory. 
  • Defense- and chiefly perimeter defense. Confession: My greatest fear about this game is that Michigan State will shut down Oladipo and Zeller, but someone stupid like Hulls, Watford or Sheehey will light up the Spartans for like, 25 points. So the Spartans have to force Indiana into tough, contested shots, and not give up high-percentage bunnies like they did in their first go-round with the Hoosiers.
  • Turnovers. MSU will need to keep the turnovers down and not duplicate their 18 TO performance from Bloomington. In a similar vein, MSU should play this game at their pace, and not let Indiana’s breakneck speed force them into sloppy play.

So, pretty easy, right? Try not to bite all your fingernails off, and enjoy the best press the Spartans have received all year while it lasts!.

Nicole Auerbach’s portrait of why Tom Izzo wins just so darn much. 

Rexrode’s look at the history of MSU and top-five matchups

TOC’s Freep column breaking down MSU and Indiana at the top of the Big Ten

Dick Vitale LOVES Tom Izzo and Magic Johnson

Every hype post needs a little “Thunderstruck”

The last time MSU defeated a #1 team at the Bres. (Fun bonus game: Spot Sara G!)

Yeah, I’m not tired of that yet.

Go Green!

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The time is upon us. And it’s bigger (though not as big) than I thought it might be this season. We are about to face the skunk bears, both as top 10 teams, for the first time in the history of this basketball rivalry. That’s INSANE. Absolutely insane. And I cannot be more excited.

I’ll be traveling this week to Florida for some tennis meetings, so I won’t be able to spend the next two days analyzing every inch of the match ups, the history, the excitement and terror. I wanted to post a little something before I hopped on a plane tomorrow.

I honestly could not be more excited for this game. Yeah, it’s Michigan and I get pumped up about any game vs. Michigan. But they are good this year (no, contrary to popular belief, I have no trouble admitting that). And Michigan State has finally found its groove, despite so many injuries. They are tied atop the standings for the Big Ten and this might turn out to be one of Tom Izzo’s greatest coaching efforts. Seriously.

To start rivalry week, I am going to post a video for my favorite MSU victory over Michigan. The year was 2000. The night was senior night, celebrating the final home games for Mateen, MoPete, Granger, and Steve Cherry. And boy was it pretty. Watch and enjoy:

MSU v Michigan 2000



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MSU vs Kansas- Champions Classic

While I’m crying into my coffee this morning over Ben Roethlisberger’s shoulder injury, please enjoy these highlights from the MSU/Kansas matchup in the 2009 NCAA Tournament. The Spartans came back from a 13-point deficit to defeat the Jayhawks on a three-point play from Kalin Lucas and advance to the Elite Eight. The Spartans would go on to lose to UNC in the final game.  The two teams meet tonight in the Champions Classic, their first matchup since that tournament. 

I still have such mixed feelings about this team. And Kalin Lucas.

Well, that first game didn’t quite go the way anyone had planned, did it? I’m kind of starting to feel about these military games the way I do about the Maui Invitation — just don’t go. Although, there was strong play from a lot of unexpected players (namely Denzel Valentine). We’re waiting until after the Kansas game to put our of first Boat Report- and hoping Derrick Nix gets his darn turnover issues under control. Tonight’s matchup promises to be a good one, with Tom Izzo and Bill Self squaring off in a coaching battle and both looking to cope with the loss of an All-American player (Draymond Green and Thomas Robinson, respectively).

Sara G. will be at the Georgia Dome tonight(and I understand she has great seats), so make sure to follow us on Twitter @sports_squared for sideline reports. Go Green! 

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The Man in the Red Bandana

I wasn’t sure that I was going to do a post today. We have plenty of time before the Notre Dame game on Saturday, and I couldn’t really focus on a trophy to put up for Obscure Trophy Tuesday.  I was checking things out on twitter, as I often do throughout the day in my office when I spotted a link to a profile ESPN had done last year around this day.

11 years ago today, the face of America was changed forever. I don’t think I have to remind anyone what happened on this day in 2001, but every year on this date I think we all stop and reflect a little on where we were and what we were doing when the attack on America began. It’s no secret that sports are a huge part of my life. It’s how I make my living; they’re how I spend most of my time. I know that they are not the most important things in the world, but I can’t help where my passion lies. My most vivid memory from September 11, 2001 was sitting on the pool deck after school for swim practice. My swim coach, Mr. Stubbs, had called us all for a meeting. How could we possibly swim today when so much had changed so fast? He was a tough-on-the-exterior type of coach, but that day…he cried. I will never forget how scared, confused, and sad I felt as I sat there.

I was in New York a couple of weeks ago for the US Open. A friend and I decided to take the 6 mile walk from Midtown to Ground Zero on a beautiful Sunday afternoon before the Open began. I had seen it in 2004, when it was still an astonishingly gaping hole in the middle of the business epicenter of the world. Having never been to New York when the towers stood, I’m not sure I really grasped what was missing, but still was shocked at how big the space had been.  Instead of a crater, there now stands the beautiful, shiny, almost complete Freedom Tower, or 1 World Trade Center. It was truly a beautiful site and I’m glad we went. There seems to be a stillness and quiet in that area. Maybe I imagined it, but in the chaos of New York City, this area seemed calm.

One World Trade Center – August 26, 2012


Throughout the day today I’ve read various pieces on September 11. Looking back, remembering those who perished, thinking of those who are still fighting, and profiles of heroes. The ESPN tweet caught my eye, because I have always (for better or worse) liked to look at the sports angles of things. I wasn’t disappointed. ESPN tells the story of Welles Crowther, an ordinary American who went to work in the south tower of the World Trade Center on September 11…except, at the end of the day, he was no longer just an ordinary American. He became a hero. It’s worth the 13 minute watch, trust me.


There are countless other stories like Welles Crowther’s, but I thought it was important to share this one that made me stop and think and remember today.

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OLYMPICS (Opening Ceremony Live Blog)

Friends, the time is finally upon us- the 2012 Summer Olympics! Join us at 7:15  EST for a live blog of the Opening Ceremonies. Until then, here’s an inspirational US Women’s Gymnastics montage. Try not to cry during Kerri Strug’s vault. I dare you.

London, bring on the sheep, double-decker buses and the Spice Girls!

Click here to open the live blog


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Your 2012 Masters Champion: Bubba Watson

If you did not watch the final round of the Masters on Sunday, then you must turn on SportsCenter IMMEDIATELY and educate yourself.

Done? Ok, good.

I will be the first one to admit that I am not the biggest golf fan in the universe. I do not tune in to every event, but I read up on the headlines and try to stay informed. The Masters, however, transcends that and is just an incredible sporting event that anyone can get into, especially when it ends in a sudden death playoff.

American Bubba Watson and South African Louis Oosthuizen ended their final round tied at -10 atop the leader board. The Masters rules state that a “sudden death” playoff would occur on the 18th and 10th holes until someone was a winner. Bubba and Louis remained tied after the 18th, so it was off to the 10th.

After Bubba hit his first shot into the woods, I was certain it was over. I was incredibly wrong. Louis didn’t hit much better, but he was outside of the foliage and seemed to have a better shot. He could actually see the green, which is typically helpful.  A couple of missed shots and a bad putt and Louis had left the door open for Bubba. And what did Bubba do with that chance? Well, I’ll let the video tell you:

Insane, right?

Congratulations to Bubba Watson. A well deserved champion at the Masters.

Looking good in the green jacket, Bubba!


Finally, if you don’t know much about Bubba Watson, that’s ok. This video will give you a great sneak peak into how fantastic he really is. Enjoy the Golf Boys!

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