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Flashback: MSU, 49-Wisconsin 14

For your daily Big Ten Championship game pump up video, we give you Your Michigan State Spartans spoiling the 2004 Badgers run at the Rose Bowl. Wisconsin came into East Lansing ranked #5, with bushels of roses in tow. MSU running back Jehuu Caulcrick said after MSU’s 49-14 drubbing of Wisky, the MSU players took the roses to some of EL’s finest drinking establishments.

Fun fact: Both Sara G. and I were in attendance for this game, but neither of us have very clear memories of it. Freshman year football season is one big blur. We at Sports Squared would like to take this time to point out some fine facts about the five Bielma/Dantonio matchups.

  • In the five times MSU/Wisconsin have met with these two as head coach, MSU leads the series 3-2
  • The margins of victory in these games: 3,1, 8,10, 6.
  • Edge to the home team in every match up.

Wrapping up, congrats to Kirk Cousins for making the finalists list for the Manning Award. Wisconsin’s Russel Wilson also a finalist.

We’d also like to acknowledge that Mark Dantonio was robbed of his second consecutive Big 10 coach of the year award today. That award went to Brady Hoke.

P4RB and as always, Go Green!



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P4RB: Michigan State Football Hype Part I

As you may or may not know, Michigan State has a HUGE football game coming up this weekend. The mighty Spartans will be facing the Badgers of Wisconsin in the inaugural Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis. To get all of our readers pumped up for the big game (8:17 PM on Fox), Sarah and I will be posting inspirational videos/pictures/etc throughout the remainder of the week.

Additionally, Sports Squared will be on the scene in Indianapolis. I (Sara G) will be ready to go Saturday morning, covering every minute. I am thinking of doing some vlogs (video blogs) on the journey as well as of the things I encounter during the day. I cannot promise it will be cinematic genius, but it will probably be funny. Actually, I can’t even promise it will be funny…but it WILL be random. That, my friends, I can promise.  I will try to check in as much as possible, so if you love it YAY! If you don’t, I apologize now but I can’t assure you they won’t happen again.

In addition to vlogging, I am making it my mission to find Dan Patrick and the Danettes. I listen to that show every single day and they are all going to be in Indy! Preeeeeeettttyyyy excited about that!

Anyway, how about this video? Let’s do this!


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