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MSU vs. Kentucky: HYPE HYPE HYPE

Good morning, Spartans!  Here we are, it’s time for our first real test of the 2013-14 basketball season. It’s about time, am I right? Wait, this is only the second game of the season? Well.

Bring it.

I, like many of the Spartan faithful, haven’t seen a ton of this team yet…but what I have seen is very exciting. Why not test it out now? Let’s see what these guys have.  Tonight marks the first 1 v 2 matchup in about six years, but what most people care about is the amount of talent that will be on the floor in both games. Joe Rexrode has a great breakdown of some of the story lines leading into tonight’s game.

Now, I know everyone is taking some time today to feel bad for John Calipari and how unfair it is that he has to take his group of freshman (maybe one of the best classes ever assembled in college basketball) and face the experienced Spartans, but once you dry your tears…how about some HYPE? You know we love a hype video.

Who wants to hit the gym?

One of the most ridiculous games ever…MSU vs Kentucky, NCAA Tournament 2005

And a great wrap up from last year, featuring two of my favorite Izzo hugs of all time.


So there you have it. Tune into ESPN tonight at 7:30 to see our mighty Spartans take on the Wildcats of Kentucky.

Go Green!



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P4RB: Michigan State Football Hype Part I

As you may or may not know, Michigan State has a HUGE football game coming up this weekend. The mighty Spartans will be facing the Badgers of Wisconsin in the inaugural Big Ten Championship game in Indianapolis. To get all of our readers pumped up for the big game (8:17 PM on Fox), Sarah and I will be posting inspirational videos/pictures/etc throughout the remainder of the week.

Additionally, Sports Squared will be on the scene in Indianapolis. I (Sara G) will be ready to go Saturday morning, covering every minute. I am thinking of doing some vlogs (video blogs) on the journey as well as of the things I encounter during the day. I cannot promise it will be cinematic genius, but it will probably be funny. Actually, I can’t even promise it will be funny…but it WILL be random. That, my friends, I can promise.  I will try to check in as much as possible, so if you love it YAY! If you don’t, I apologize now but I can’t assure you they won’t happen again.

In addition to vlogging, I am making it my mission to find Dan Patrick and the Danettes. I listen to that show every single day and they are all going to be in Indy! Preeeeeeettttyyyy excited about that!

Anyway, how about this video? Let’s do this!


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Boat Status: Permanently ejected

As you may know, Korie Lucious (#34) has been suspended for the remainder of the season from the Michigan State Spartans basketball team.

Man, we talkin' about PRACTICE?

Earlier in the season, Lucious pled guilty to reckless driving after being charged with DUI, was suspended last year for missing class, and has generally been a tiny pain-in-the-ass off the court. [And not so good on the court, to be honest.] Some theories on the reason for his suspension:

1. Another drinking/drugs issue

2. General insubordination

3. Some other sort of legal quandry

4. Being a turnover machine.

Lucious was heir apparent to Kalin Lucas as starting point guard, but his position looks questionable following the suspension, and Keith Appling’s brilliant play so far this season. Farewell Lucious. You were the tiniest Spartan, and we will never forget how you hoisted us upon your tiny shoulders.

And we’ll always have Maryland.


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Obscure Trophy Thursday: The Paul Bunyan Trophy

If there’s two things we like here in Big 10 country, it’s pork and Paul Bunyan. Take a look at the list of Big 10 rivalry trophies and tell me I’m wrong. But for us here at Sports Squared, one obscure trophy will always stand above the rest — the one we wish to reside permanently in the Spartans trophy case, and upon whose shoulders all football glory rests — The Paul Bunyan. Paul is intended to be a symbol of Michigan’s logging and lumber history — he was the greatest lumberjack of all time, after all.

Michigan State Center Jeff Stipek hoists the Paul Bunyan. A glorious site. (Photo annarbor.com)

Quick Hits:

Rivalry: Michigan State vs. the University of Michigan

Introduced: 1953, when MSU joined the Big 10

All-time record: 34-22-2, in favor of U of M

Current holder: Your Michigan State University Spartans

Status: Has been held by MSU for three years straight, rivalry ongoing as MSU and U-M are both in the new Big 10 “Legends” division.

Despite what Wolverines may tell you, the history of the Paul Bunyan is marked by long periods of dominance by both teams, For example, MSU dominated for nearly two decades from 1950-1969, going 14-4-2. Similarly, U of M holds a 18-game winning streak in the series, from 1916-1933. In more recent times, U of M defeated the Spartans six consecutive years from 2002-2007, and Michigan State is currently on a three-game winning streak. [Note: It has also been more than 1,000 days since the University of Michigan defeated MSU in football or basketball.]

The Paul Bunyan trophy is not to be confused with Paul Bunyan’s Axe, the rivalry trophy for the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota.

Again, despite Wolverine claims to the contrary, the Paul Bunyan Trophy is the prize in one of the most heated rivalries in college football. It’s produced some amazing games, including the Spartans last second comeback win in East Lansing in 2001, the epic 3-overtime game in 2004 in Ann Arbor, and Michigan’s epic comeback or the Spartans horrible collapse in East Lansing in 2007 (depending on who you root for — damn you Manningham!) MSU racked up another overtime win in 2009, the second in its current 3-game win streak. This year, the Spartans managed to tackle Denard Robinson out of his shoes on the way to defeating the Wolverines at home.

In light of yesterday’s events and our 24-hours of schadenfreude at the U of M athletic program (look, we lived through John L. Smith, we get to giggle a little at the RichRod saga), it’s worth noting that U-M’s third consecutive defeat to MSU was probably no small part in RR’s eventual firing. The program also got a shout-out from athletic director Dave Brandon as a “red-letter game,” mentioned in the same breath as The Game vs. Ohio State. There may have been a time when this wasn’t a “rivalry” because U of M just expected to win, but with Paul in East Lansing, it’s clear those times are coming to an end.


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